Pick the Right Paint Colors to Sell Your House

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How to Paint Your Home for Selling

Getting ready to put your property on the market? If you are being realistic, you know that no home is perfect. One, often overlooked, less expensive way to quickly spruce up the place is by putting on a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to pick the right paint colors to sell your house. Make your home more appealing to potential buyers with this expert advice to get you started on the right path.

Problem: The room appears cramped.

Solution: Utilize colors like creams, pastels, or cooler, lighter colors with hints of green or blue. This gives the feeling of added space due to the reflection of light. For your trim, use white or a complimentary light color. Further, white or lighter colors seem to lift a ceiling up higher. You can get a similar effect using darker shades, so long as you get a high-gloss paint that will reflect light.

A monochromatic approach removes contrast and also visually enlarges a room. So get furniture of all one color and paint your walls to match. Also, if you paint 6 to 12 inches of your ceiling (like a border) the same, light color as the walls, this adds to the roomy feel.

Bonus Idea - Use a vertical, alternating stripe pattern to enhance appearance of height. Try horizontal stripes to make walls feel farther away than they really are.

Problem: The room feels large and empty.

Solution: Make the walls appear closer and the room feel cozier by painting with warm colors. I recommend shades with hints of red. Since darker colors absorb light, but you don’t want to make the room feel dark and dreary, these warmer, yet dark red tones will do the trick. Also, if the room has high or vaulted ceilings, apply a coat or two of dark, warm paint to reduce that cavernous feel.

Problem: Figuring out how to instill a calming/relaxing feeling in a room.

Solution: Create an intimate feeling by implementing a soft palette. Do this by using colors that do not make an overt statement. Pick muted colors like lighter greens and greys, soft blues, and pale lavenders.

Problem: You don’t know how to create a focal point for a room.

Solution: Identify your notable assets in each room and then paint them to stand out. Sometimes it’s the beautiful fireplace, other times it could be the crown moldings and trims. Remember to contrast, yet compliment the surrounding paint colors.

Problem: You need to hide flaws.

Solution: Apply a low-contrast color scheme to hide things like radiators, conduits, and the like. In fact, painting them the same color as the wall with these low-contrast pallets does a great job to hide the unsavory. The best results will come with the usage of flat or low-sheen paints.

What’s the Damage?

On average, a 12′ by 12′ room will run around $150 when you include all of the necessary supplies without going over the top with name brand items. Aren’t sure where to begin? Start by putting a few strokes of sample paint on your walls. Check out the colors from different angles and in different lighting to see how it feels. If you are getting your desired results, get painting, you’ve found your solution.

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